Who are Field Effect?


Tony Gordon - background

Contact Tony - tony@fieldeffect.co.uk

Tony is an international tenor saxophonist and bass clarinet player.  Tony has recently decided to expand his horizons to contribute to the Field Effect project, bringing with him his vast experience as an accomplished performer and jazz stylist.

His style is influenced from classical music to drum and bass. Tony refuses to be categorised and enjoys the prospects of composing new ideas and experiments that the Field Effect project offers.





Matt Shire-Jones - background

Contact Matt - matt@fieldeffect.co.uk

Matt has provided the sound of Field Effect since the nineties having composed and arranged a previous studio album entitled 'State of Flux' in an exploration of techno, drum & bass, trip hop and ambient dimensions.

Drawing from over a decade of his musical creativity has ultimately led to a distinctive sound that can only belong to Field Effect.

The first album inspired a firm ambition to create an environment that can procure, harness and transmit his sound and so the studio 'Field Effect' was constructed to meet these demands.