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Audiovariac - CDFIELD004


Science Fiction Blues

Lissajous Curve
The Road Less Travelled


Muse magazine:

At times tribal, there is always an element of the spiritual in their latest album, Audiovariac. This is exposed through the use of real life sound effects that merge into beats and rhythm. Water based sounds are a prominent attribute that are reflected in this CD, featuring multi instrumental 'Dissimilar' and the opening track, 'Awakening'.

Many of the tracks have different dimensions within them and fluid in their transition between different parts. Sometimes ominous and foreboding, this CD creates a feeling of being lifted to another world. It is not surprising that two tracks from this album have already been picked up by a BBC producer and were featured in a recent Dr Who documentary.


Zone 79 - CDFIELD003


Zone 79
Helical Twist
Burning Underwater

Far From Home
Orpheus & Eurydice


If you like experimental music then you will be fascinated by the latest release by local musician and engineer extraordinaire Matt Shire-Jones. Matt and his musical collaborator Tony Gordon have recently released their fourth CD entitled 'Zone 79' and experimentation is at the heart of the album and is also the raison d'etre of their Field Effect project.

Besides keyboards, sax, drums and other instruments they also take objects from people's everyday lives and place them within a musical context. The very start of the album takes a recording of gym speed ball and uses it as a percussive element through out the track 'Strike'.

Field Effect also works with a variety of local musicians, for example Gav Sant from Perico helps out drums on 'Void' and 'Far From Home'. The band explores a new dimension on Zone 79 with the spoken word being used over music; Jamie Wilkes narrates the fable in a disjointed and curious way in 'Orpheus & Eurydice'.

To me the album is a soundscape that might adorn a movie or perhaps provide a carrier wave to transport one to another world. However, 'Zone 79' is very diverse and spans many styles - the philosophy of the band is that genres are of no concern - they let their music evolve - and therefore 'Zone 79' can mean anything, whatever it conjures up within the listener's mind.

This section is where you can download some of the older tracks and listen for yourself. Two tracks from the second album 'Electrostatic' are available to download.
CAUTION : These are large files encoded at 192kbps in MP3 format (9MB typical)


Electrostatic - CDFIELD002


Logarithmic Spiral
Sting in the Tail
Sounds of Colour

Out of Reach
Kinetic Reeds
The album took a year to complete and is structured of electro jazz fusion with a spiritual ambient sound. Using experimental methods to yield a very diverse combination of tracks that have emerged to create a very satisfying album.


State of Flux - CDFIELD001


Cause and Effect
Dark Field
Climate of Fear
Human Fuses Blow First
Bad Earth
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