The seventh venture - Paradigm Shift
Field Effect have now completed post production of new album entitled 'Paradigm Shift' and will be available from CD Baby by March and the CD shall be available by the end of March.
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Residual is finally available as a digipak from CD Baby or download from iTunes.
Field Effect release their new album
By Lauren May - Wessex Muse Magazine

Having sprung from the imagination of Matt Shire-Jones in 1991, Field Effect and their unique soundscapes have come a long way. With the release of their 6th album, Residual, the musical duo featuring electronic mastermind Shire-Jones and musician Tony Gordon appear to have hit their stride.

Featuring 10 tracks, Residual showcases the pair's unique ability to combine electronic synthesis with subtle jazz overtones from saxophonist and bass clarinet Gordon. Often veering from the darkly ominous to the sweepingly beautiful, Field Effect have an ability to encompass a limitless spectrum of emotion, from threatening melodies forewarning of futuristic foes, to soothing guitar strings and outstretching arching melodies.

Like something out of HG Wells' War of the Worlds, it's not hard to see why Field Effect's futuristic musical material has often been likened to the soundtrack of a science fiction film, proof enough by their previous inclusion in a Doctor Who soundtrack. With a clear ability for producing music capable of speaking louder than words, Field Effect are aptly suited to the role. Keen to make substantial steps into the film industry, Field Effect will continue to create and produce music worthy of praise.

Residual will be Field Effects sixth album to date and is currently planned for release in early 2008.
Connections... Reviewed
The Music of Field Effect creates a unique environment which will transport the listener to another world. And this world at the same time reveals the inner world of your mind. What images will you see in this world? It depends on the state of your mind. And you can plunge deeply into the depths of your own being with the unusual and unpredictable music of Field Effect. It can also be characterized as “moving” music. It is very expressive and liquid and can be as acute as the human mind.

Field Effect’s electronic soundscapes remind me Richard Bone’s music to a certain extent. They both explore various fields of human consciousness. Matt Shire-Jones’ deeply affecting keyboards and Tony Gordon’s soothing saxophone interweaves in the unified music of the present. This is music of the modern world and modern life. Just listen to Field Effect to be in the present moment.

Serge Kozlovsky (music journalist)

Electronics ace Matt Shire-Jones aligns with saxophonist Tony Gordon on these pieces culled from "Field Effects" three recordings: Electrostatic, Audiovariac & Zone 79.

Overall, the duo's intuitiveness and symmetry is quite remarkable. It's electronica that is accessible, yet not "New Agey" by any stretch. They integrate loops, percussion and massive synth swashes with jazz, funk and memorably melodic hooks. Jones' methodology is steeped within an evolutionary process, constructed upon layered themes and ambient EFX.

In various regions of this disc you'll hear polytonal sheets of sound and programmatic percussion movements to complement the artists' calming harmonic interactions. In sum, these folks make a huge difference within the sometimes, ho hum state of Electronics-based music. Heartily recommended...

Glenn Astarita (music journalist)

Connections... will be released in December 2007 consisting of 12 tracks taken from State of Flux, Electrostatic, Audiovariac and Zone 79. Be sure to look it up on iTunes!!!!

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